About Sara Gray

While working and teaching at a quilt shop, Sara Gray designed many projects, some as simple class projects, some just for fun, and the Sew Together pattern line was born. In addition, because she loves finding ways to make things easier and then sharing with others, Sara invented a special sewing guide, the Sew Easy Guide, for quilting or sewing diagonally across squares .

When Sara’s friends turned their great ideas into patterns, she knew their talents had to be shared too. Thus, “and Friends” was added to the company byline.

Over time, Sara kept hearing from people who wanted to take a class, but the shop’s pre-scheduled time was not convenient for them. She did not want anyone to be denied the creativity and pleasure of sewing, serging, or quilting, so she decided to offer classes in students’ homes or at Sara’s studio at their convenience. With over 30 years of sewing experience, including over 9 years of teaching at Needles in a Quilt (formerly Needle in the Haystack), Anderson University, and various quilt guilds, Sara has had the satisfaction of helping others learn many new skills. Sew Together is more than just a company name, it is a motto—it truly is more fun to sew with someone else!

Sara is married to Tom and they have a grown daughter, Kati. The nest is not empty, however, because the dog (Sophie) and the cats (Kitty, Boise and Colby) keep things interesting as always.