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Questions about Orders & Returns

      • How will I receive my PATTERN DOWNLOAD or PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD?
        To receive your pattern download or printable download , click on the link that will be in your order confirmation and/or the email order confirmation. You should receive the link within minutes of completing your order. Click on the link and your pattern will download to your computer. Be sure to save the download on your computer, as the link is only good for a one-time download.  Also, be sure to provide a valid email address and add sewtogether.net to your safe sender list. Sometimes the email may accidentally be in your spam folder. If you have not received your pattern within 24 hours, please contact us at sara@sewtogether.net or 877.750.3576.
      • Do you have a bulk quantity discount for e-patterns?
        Contact me — sara@sewtogether.net — for information on bulk quantity discounts for guilds, classes, shops.
      • Can I order by phone?
        Yes. When your order is complete we will quote you the amount due. You may pay by check, money order, or credit card. Your order will ship when payment is received. Credit card payment may also be done online by using our convenient payment page.
      • How are notions returns handled?

        If you aren’t completely satisfied, please call us or email us to see if we can make things right without a return.  Email (preferred) sara@sewtogether.net or phone toll-free 1-877-750-3576.

      • Why aren’t patterns returnable?

        Because of copyright misuse and abuse. If the pattern is defective, let us know and we will promptly correct it. Please email sara@sewtogether.net. Or, phone toll-free: 1-877-750-3576.

Questions about Sew Easy Guide

      • How do I decide which Sew Easy Guide is right for me?

        The Sew Easy Guide works on squares with sides from 1″ to 4″ (diagonal measurements up to 5 ½”). The Sew Easy Guide 2 works on squares with sides from 1″ to 7 ½” (diagonal measurements up to 10 ½”). If you only always work with smaller squares, choose the Sew Easy Guide. If you are unsure, choose the Sew Easy Guide 2. It can be trimmed with scissors to a shorter length if desired.

      • What is the best presser foot to use for the Sew Easy Guide?

        Use the widest presser foot you have that also has a smooth, flat (not grooved or open) underneath side. This is usually your multi-purpose foot, or zigzag foot. A transparent, open-toe presser foot is a good choice because it allows you to see the SEG guidelines near the needle more clearly. Walking feet, also called even-feed feet, usually are not appropriate because they have grooves and other feeding mechanisms that are not compatible with the SEG. The way Pfaff’s built-in even feed works is compatible with the SEG; however you may have to cut out a small section of the SEG to allow clearance for the machine’s even-feed.

      • How can I prevent (or fix) the adhesive on my Sew Easy Guide from wearing out and prevent lint making it non-sticky?

        Option 1:  Permanently” leave the SEG attached to your presser foot, which also saves time not having to install the SEG every time you want to use it. Buy a second presser foot to do this, so you always have one regular presser foot and one SEG foot ready to go.  Never removing the SEG from the foot means that lint will never interfere with the adhesive, which is key in adhesive longevity. Glue, such as E6000, is optional–my experience is that NO glue works on the SEG plastic (even the ones that say “works on most plastics”).

        Option 2: A temporary fix is to use Scotch permanent double stick tape to re-tape the area where the Sew Easy Guide has adhesive. Remove the old adhesive as much as possible (with a product such as Goo Gone). Apply new tape to the area that was taped before (or tape only the area where your presser foot contacts the SEG). Use a hole punch or utility knife to make a new hole for the needle. This option has had good results. By the way, Scotch permanent tape sticks best, but will still allow the SEG to be removed from the foot.

        Option 3: Buy another SEG. Even though we made it as sturdy as we could, it is in the category of notions that will wear out with use. Still, the cost of a new one is small compared to the time saved, the multiple uses, and the multiple size squares you can use it on!

        Option 4:  Use regular transparent tape to wrap around the SEG and the foot (do the wrapping with the foot off the machine). Use a hole punch or a knife (carefully!) to make a hole for the needle if you have covered the needle hole. This does not provide a lot of extra security, but sometimes a little extra tape security is all that is needed.

      • Will the Sew Easy Guide Tutorial CD work on my DVD player?

        Maybe, maybe not. The CD is meant to work on your computer, but it does play in some DVD players, too. However, it is not guaranteed to play in DVD players.

      • Can I shorten the Sew Easy Guide?

        Yes, you can shorten the Sew Easy Guides. Use the curved end of the guide as a reference or template when shortening the guide. That is, make a curved cut (a straight cut would be more likely to snag on your fabric).


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Questions about Wholesale Orders

    • Do you accept wholesale orders?

      Yes. Just set up a wholesale account on our website. It only takes a few minutes. A follow-up email will be sent to you with more details. For pricing on e-patterns, contact us by email: sara@sewtogether.net, or call 1-877-750-3576. E-patterns are not available as physical patterns, but we do have special bulk-rate pricing for printing them yourself.

    • Do you accept non-U.S. wholesale orders?

      Yes, but you will have to place your order by regular e-mail
      (sara@sewtogether.net) and then we will e-mail you an invoice with instructions on how to pay online. As soon as we receive payment, we will ship your order promptly, usually within 1 – 2 business days.



Questions about Copyright and Selling Finished Items

    • May I sell finished items made from Sew Together patterns?

      Yes, the purchaser of a Sew Together pattern has permission to sell small quantities of finished items made from that pattern.

    • What about Copyright?
      Copyright: You may NOT make copies of the printed pattern (or digital pattern) to sell or give away. Thank you for honoring the law and making it possible to offer patterns at a reasonable price.