Free Stuff

The following are free for downloading. They are PDF files that may require Adobe Reader®, free software that can be found here.

For use with the 6.25″ Sew Easy Guide, Installation Instructions Page 1, Step 2
Chenille Heart and Star Pattern
Using the Sew Easy Guide
Sew Easy Guide Baby In 9 Seconds
A Sew Easy “baby” is yours when you trim your Sew Easy Guide to a shorter length, and it only takes about 9 seconds (not 9 months!)
Quickly resize a zip-tab bag for custom sized storage.
Space-saving thread stand allows thread to unwind and feed freely from vertical spools on sewing machine. Includes Bag-a-minute storage bag instructions.

Winterize your Jeans

Add a quick and easy microfleece layer to your jeans legs to ward off the chill.

Bling on a Swing top

a.k.a.  A case for experimenting small