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16″ wide x 12″ high x 4.5″ deep

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I get lots of requests for this one–people seem to want a sturdy all-purpose bag with a little depth to it AND with a few pockets to corral the necessities so they don’t pile up like a traffic jam at the bottom.

CLASSIC SHAPE and size makes it suitable for a variety of purposes–your everyday bag, errand bag, shopping bag, picnic bag, diaper bag, or child’s overnight bag, etc.

LINED and PADDED (Bag and Pockets)— Quilting is optional.

OUTER POCKETS: Two outer pockets, easily accessed, one zippered, one not zippered. Can easily change both to be the same.

INNER POCKETS; 14 inner pockets are part of the lining. Inner pockets are about 6″ high. Easily customize the width and number of the inner pockets as you like.

HANDLE: Short handle for quick grab & go. Make longer if you like. Sturdy padded handle without turning a tube right side out.

CLOSURE: Magnet clasp closure is tidy and inconspicuous.

SKILLS  NEEDED: Sew through multiple layers. Basic zipper and binding knowledge helpful.

  • Fabric Components: Main fabric 3/4 yard, Contrast/Lining fabric 2 1/2 yards, Fleece or Batting
  • Notions: Webbing, Magnet, 9” Zipper (optional)

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