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Clear Presser Foot


Use alone or with the Sew Easy Guides

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What’s all the excitement about a presser foot, you ask?

It’s open-toed AND clear–you can REALLY see up close to and around the needle, the most important area to see.

Essential for machine applique–see exactly where the fabric edge is in relation to the needle.

Great for satin stitching–it has a channel on the underside for the stitches to easily pass through and keep your fabric feeding smoothly.

Wonderful for stitching on a marked line–nothing impedes your view so you can see exactly where the needle is going to land.

Works beautifully with the Sew Easy Guides–allows you to see the guide’s alignment lines all the way to the needle. Check out the photos to see what I mean.

Snap-on foot works with most machines that take snap-on feet. Bernina models may require an adapter (sold by other retailers) to use snap-on feet.

6mm Zigzag opening between the toes of the presser foot (manually test zigzag stitch width to make sure the needle will NOT hit the foot).