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Quilt Finishing Checklist and Worksheet


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Quilt Finishing Checklist/Worksheet



Use your color printer to print-your-own Quilt Finishing Checklist and Worksheet–make several copies and keep one with each quilt project! Print on letter-size paper. Note that actual worksheet prints crisp and clear (not slightly out-of-focus as in photo).

Easily track the final steps in finishing your quilts!

Trying to note and figure the final steps of my quilt projects was a haphazard effort until I created a visual, organized checklist of those steps—now, a glance at my checklist lets me know exactly what is left to be done.  It is SO much easier to refer to a one-page summary of what needs to be done, rather than to sort through the fabric pieces in the project box, trying to remember again which fabric was for backing and which for binding —was it the same or different (especially hard to determine on a small project where the backing and binding use about the same amount of yardage). Is the backing and/or batting large and being stored somewhere separate? Note it all easily on the Quilt Finishing Checklist and Worksheet.

Especially useful if you do custom projects and/or have multiple projects in progress.


  • Visual reference for Quilt Parts
  • Fill-in-blank formula to figure batting and batting sizes
  • Checklist for buying and preparing the final parts of the quilt:
    • Quilt Top prep-for-quilting steps
    • Backing and Batting—size and type, etc.
    • Needle & Thread for quilting—size, type, bobbins wound
    • Binding—size and prep steps
    • Quilt Label notes
    • Room for your additional notes and swatches
    • Room to sketch pieced backing
  • Room to add personal checklist items
  • Works for imperial and metric, because you fill in the measurements
  • Optional: Can be used in whole or in part as a record/reference, even after your project is done.

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