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Quilted Checkbook Cover….and More


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Purse and Desk Accessory Collection


Sew Together Exclusive! Create a desk set that is uniquely you! Use double-faced pre-quilted fabric or quilt your own fabric, then have fun making some quick and easy accessories for your desk or purse.

CHECKBOOK  COVER is slightly oversized (4″ x 7″) so your checking needs will fit without cramming–even the pen holder is roomy enough for normal pens. Suitable for checks that tear from the top or the side.

SHOPPING  LIST/COUPON HOLDER  is made the same as the checkbook cover–just slip a shopping list pad in the checkbook pocket and coupons in the check register pocket.

COIN  PURSE (3″ x 4″) corrals and protects coins from “bottom of the purse” syndrome.

BUSINESS  CARD  POUCH (3″ x 5″) protects cards (or other small items) and keeps them handy.

CAN  WRAP (4″ x 12 1/2″)(not shown) and a water bottle wrap (5″ x 14″)(not shown) with Velcro closures that adjust to fit your can or bottle. Helps keep your beverage cold and looks pretty, too! These wraps could also be used around candle jars to coordinate with dining room or bedroom decor.

EYEGLASS  CASE  (5″ x 7″) means your glasses will always be safe from bumps.

BOOK  COVER (not shown), made to fit your appointment book, or just about any other book, completes the set.

SKILLS  NEEDED: Some binding experience helpful

  • Fabric Needed: Varies, but 1/4 yd quilted + 1/2 yd unquilted will make 1-2 items (not including book cover)
  • Notions Needed: Hook and Loop Tape (or magnet strip and glue)

Note: Samples shown were custom-quilted using a built-in curvy stitch set to a long, narrow stitch setting. Crystals were ironed on using instructions that came with crystals.

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